About Me

My name is Diane Nimmer. I have always considered it a privilege and an honor to hear stories from families. In business, and as a life coach, I realized that everyone has a story to tell, to share and to pass on to loved ones. The passions and lessons that have been shared with me, have proved to be very important in many ways in my life. Being inspired by this, I founded Intentional Journeys, a legacy coaching business, focusing on Guided Autobiography and Ethical Wills. I have a certification from the University of Wisconsin in Life Reminiscence and Life Review and am certified by Celebrations of Life and the Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies. Learning and growing my business from these programs has provided me with a strong background to work with individuals and groups to determine the best way to create a written document that will be important now and will also provide future generations with lessons and information that will make a difference in their lives. Individuals who want to give others their wisdom and love often do this with an ethical will. People who like writing, but are not necessarily authors, find that working in a group setting, and considering how the themes of one’s life, makes a difference now and for the future.

Faith and business communities may want to look some of the aspects that created their community. Any way one decides to undertake this endeavor does create a meaningful conversation for generations, and that is what makes this an exciting program and a very special one for me to participate in as a business owner and story gatherer.