Ethical Wills

A Legacy Letter is a message written from your heart to the hearts of those you hold dear. Also called Ethical Wills, these letters are not legally binding and convey your values rather than your valuables. Legacy Letters are a sincere and earnest letter containing words of love, wisdom and life lessons from you to your loved ones. They are truly a meaningful communication between generations.

Why write a Legacy Letter?

To discover and capture, perhaps for the first time, those things that matter most to you. To pass on values to future generations that you might not have an opportunity to share personally. To be remembered, honored, and loved for who you are or always tried to be.
 To let others know what they mean to you and who they are for you
. To gain a new sense of encouragement about the impact you have on the people and the world around you
. Writing one often brings about a sense of peace, joy, and completion.

What’s in a Legacy Letter?

Each letter is as unique as the individual who writes it. It may include things like:

  • Spiritual blessings
  • Hopes and dreams for the future
  • Important values and beliefs

Legacy Letters are generally between 1 – 4 pages in length and can be written today and kept safe to be presented at a time chosen by you. How and when you deliver your Legacy Letter is completely up to you.
 Coaching is available to assist you in writing this valuable letter to loved ones.