Guided Autobiographies

Guided Autobiographies

It takes a lifetime to create your legacy. Which memories will define yours? As you decide, you’ll discover they care little about sequence. Memories will jump at you as they please. Some are shy and resist being recalled on demand. What we need is a way to trigger recollections and tips to record those we’ll choose to share.

Guided Autobiography (GAB) Sessions

Weekly 2-hour group gatherings to stimulate memories and prepare you for sharing. You’ll participate in exercises that teach you techniques for remembering. You’ll learn by doing, by listening, and by growing.



Life Reflection Story Sessions

Private sessions to guide you through the series of short stories that define your life. Which matter most? It’s your exclusive time with us to help you reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from life stories and their rewarded wisdom. Sharing the most important of these short stories is a gift that connects the past with the present, and preserves your family history for the future.




Guided Autobiography FAQ

How will this help me?

People often say they’re so happy they decided to participate in the GAB sessions. They thought they already knew the chapters of their story. Then the insight and perspective of other experiences made them realize how much more there is to remember. These sessions prime and prepare you to choose the stories that define the path of your intentional journey.

How do I decide if it’s an experience worth sharing?

Our brains crave stories. We learn how to tell stories as soon as we can talk. It’s a skill we acquire before we learn how to read, and how to add or subtract. We think in narrative, as stories. It’s how we remember what makes us laugh or cry. It’s the way we file the memories that make up our lives.
It’s worth sharing if it’s worth remembering. GAB sessions aren’t about judgment. They’re about collecting stories.

How do I get comfortable with the idea of sharing my past with others?

That’s the thing about groups. They give us power and permission to remember and share. What we hear from and about others provides perspective. It has nothing to do with dredging up secrets. It has everything to do with granting yourself permission to recall and record the defining moments of your life—and share them with people who are at that very moment on the same quest.

I’ve never been a very good writer.

The highlights of your life are stories, and storytelling has little to do with writing. It’s about sharing. Reach for memories, not words. That’s what GAB sessions help you accomplish. Your writing will improve if it needs to, but only because through practice you’ve learned how to be a better storyteller.