Welcome To Intentional Journeys

Intentional Journeys is designed to look at how we begin to establish a legacy for ourselves, and to have some completion about things we have done in our lives. It is always easy to keep moving with the flow, but to actually have some planning about who we are, what we have accomplished and how we want to be remembered has some power for the future, and also for the present.

There are several ways to do this, but it often requires some reflection on our part. Writing about who we are is often a great way to start this planning. Some people like to write some reflection stories about themselves and their families of origin. Working as part of a community through some classes, and considering the themes of your life, and having others share in the listening of those themes is a very powerful piece as well. Topping this off with one’s own idea of how to be treated if we cannot speak for ourselves really completes the effort.

We are available to provide coaching and encouragement for getting started on this path so that your journey is intentional. The effort also provides one’s family with the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about now and about the future.

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