Legacy Coaching And Consulting

Life is a Journey

You may have heard the term “life unfolds in mysterious ways”. Many of us are willing to be merely bystanders in our own lives, letting life just unfold, perhaps even using agendas others have created for us, or just being willing to “see what happens.”

When we are in some type of transition, it presents an opportunity to evaluate and reflect. Being able to create our own lives rich with our own passions and having clarity about what really matters to us and have our journey be more intentional and fulfilling is a gift to ourselves, and to those who matter most to us.

As a Certified Hudson Institute Life Coach

As a Certified Hudson Institute Life Coach, I mentor people to clarify what is important in their life, their work and in their relationships and to establish their goals. I work with them so that they can move into the next phase of their life journey with joy and clarity.

As a LifeSAGEr

As a certified LifeSAGEr I work with people on an individual basis, or in a workshop setting to define and record their values, beliefs, wisdom and how they want to make a difference in how they use their time and resources. Being able to share your own story and to know how you want to be remembered is something you and future generations will treasure.

with a Certificate in Reminiscence and Life Story Work

This certification has provided me with a background to mentor people on what is important in their life. Our work and our relationships help define who we are. I work with people so that they can move into the next phase of their life journey with joy and clarity through either a legacy letter, or through life reflection stories.

As a Guided Autobiography Facilitator

As one of about 300 certified Guided Autobiography facilitators in the world, I work with people in a classroom or workshop setting, to share their story through the themes of their lives. This powerful technique has been a very important component for people of all ages, who want to start their legacy by sharing their story, in a unique setting.

It’s about Making a Plan

Having a plan is a way for us to be proactive in our lives. Understanding our own goals, and being clear about what really matters, makes a difference in having a life that just drifts along, or one that is intentional. The process works!

  • What do I really want? What is important to me?
  • Establish a plan to get there (what are some options?)
  • Set up some Actions and be accountable (use a coach)
  • Review and Evaluate
  • Celebrate successes AND Live an Intentional Life


“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

– Tom Landry