Creating Your Legacy Plan

You want to positively impact the lives of your loved ones and find more purpose and meaning for yourself. Legacy Writing and Planning helps you fulfill both desires.
Your legacy is more than your tangible assets.

A great Legacy Plan expresses your intangible wealth, your vision, traditions, wisdom, values, stories and love.

My mission is to provide you with the tools to share your intangible wealth with the people who matter to you now and for the generations to come. I use guided writing, interviews and coaching to help you capture and share your vision and your precious traditions, wisdom, values, stories and love. Crafting your legacy is a fun and joyful process.

A customized Legacy Plan can also inform estate and financial planning and make those plans work in alignment with your vision—allowing you to preserve the joy and meaning you have created. It becomes an intentional journey.
 I want you to feel confident that you have shared all of your story, and have been able to have meaningful intergenerational conversations for the present and for the future.